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New Product: Elation Professional Arena Zoom Q7 IP

Elation’s Arena Series of high-power RGBW PAR lights now includes the IP65-rated Arena Zoom Q7 IP™.

Elation’s Arena Series of high-power RGBW PAR lights now includes the IP65-rated Arena Zoom Q7 IP™ full-color-mixing wash luminaire. The fixture houses seven 30W Osram™ Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, and a choice of color macros and variable speed macro effects is available for fast programming. Color temperature is variable from 3,200K to 10,000K, and fixture also includes RGB white balance calibration, allowing users to adjust the maximum RGB values in order to set the white color temperature default level.

Features includes 7° to 40° motorized zoom, 0 to 100% dimming, with a selection of dimming curves, and output of more than 3,000 lumens at 250W maximum power consumption. Control is via six DMX channel modes (12 total channels) and is RDM-ready. The fixture comes with customized weatherproof features like IP65-rated 5-pin DMX and powerCON TRUE1 power in/out connections. A four-button control panel with OLED menu display is 180° reversible, and an auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies.

When used with cameras, the fixture works flicker-free via its user-adjustable LED refresh rate and Gamma brightness settings. An integrated dual-rigging yoke/floor stand allows it to either be rig mounted or stand on the floor, and multiple units can be linked together.

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