Maxxyz Compact


Martin Professional

The Maxxyz lighting console is now available in a Compact version that offers full Maxxyz functionality in a modular, mid-sized design. Maxxyz Compact features four modules: Cerebrum, Programmer, Motorized Playback, and Master. The Cerebrum Module is a complete standalone, embedded and shielded computer system, offering the ability to control up to 32 DMX Universes (four direct, 28 via ArtNet). The Programmer and Playback Modules are to ease creation and running of shows. The Master Module has two faders, Grand Master and Flash Master by default, and features customizable buttons. Maxxyz Compact includes an embedded touchscreen with the option of connecting two additional external screens. It is fully compatible with the Maxxyz Controller Series and networks with Martin's Maxedia media server.

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