Martin Releases MAC 575 Krypton™

The MAC 575 Krypton™ is the newest in Martin’s line of award-winning MAC moving heads and the latest in the Krypton series. Based on the MAC 700 platform, the MAC 575 Krypton combines efficient optics for brighter output with outstanding gobos and colors, all wrapped in the MAC’s modular design.

The MAC 575 Krypton features a reflector and optical system that create a powerful beam of smooth, uniform light, with a 575 W short-arc discharge lamp. The MAC 575 Krypton also houses two eight-position color wheels plus open, both with interchangeable dichroic filters, split color possibilities, and continuous rotation. All colors are replaceable, enabling designers to customize the fixture to their own particular requirements.Teaming up with the dual color wheels are two gobo wheels; a 6 slot rotating gobo wheel, and a 9 slot fixed gobo wheel. Both feature a set of gobo designs, all replaceable.

Martin has included a fully motorized zoom capable of beam angles from 14 to 30 degrees. Unlike step zoom systems that offer only two or three different beam angles, the 575’s fully motorized zoom can achieve any beam angle within the range. A variable focus system allows for everything from razor-sharp image projection to de-focused background and morphing effects

The 575 Krypton houses a combined dimmer/shutter capable of very smooth and fast intensity changes. When used as a shutter, accelerated strobe effects up to 14 Hz are possible. An interchangeable four-facet prism rotates at variable speeds, adding unique effects to gobo projection. A motorized iris offers quick and accurate resizing of the beam for fast or pulse effects with smaller beam sizes.

The 575 Krypton’s road-tested modular design is durable and serviceable—multi connectors and spring loaded release mechanisms mean that no tools are necessary to remove and insert modules.

Rapid and precise movement through 540° of pan and 246° of tilt are achieved with noticeably less noise. An intelligent position correction system automatically returns the fixture to its original position if knocked out of place and a multi position tilt lock keeps the head where you want it. The MAC 575 Krypton has user-configurable voltage and frequency settings, meaning that it can be quickly adapted to electrical requirements anywhere in the world.

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