Marquee® Software Upgrade Now Available

Entertainment Technology is proud to announce the release of software version 3.1 for the complete line of Marquee® Lighting Control Consoles. Software version 3.1 is now available for download online.

“We are very excited to be releasing software version 3.1 for the Marquee lighting control consoles,” stated Alan Keen, Entertainment Technology product manager. “As the popularity of all Marquee consoles continues to grow, we are dedicated to providing lighting programmers with the latest technology to complete their lighting designs.”

Designed by Horizon Control, Marquee software version 3.1 introduces new moving light and intensity Effects, Independent Attribute Timing, Redundant Tracking Backup, a new Color Picker tool, and Astronomical Time Event Control.

“For this release, the most challenging hurdle for the development team was to 'tame' our very powerful Effects capabilities into a simple interface,” commented Robert Bell, Horizon Control Product Manager. “When conducting a demonstration of the final version to one of our more inexperienced beta testers, it was most satisfying to hear him comment that adding an effect to moving lights is as easy as slipping in a gobo.”

The new moving light and intensity Effects allow operators to select from a pre-existing list of lighting effects, or by using a list of simple and supplied mathematical equations along with host parameters, they may create an unlimited array of interesting and unique effects specific for their lighting task at hand.

Independent Attribute Timing gives programmers the ability to add unlimited cue dynamics to every attribute of every fixture in every cue.

Redundant Tracking Backup allows a second Marquee console, or processor operating the Marquee PC software, to track the main console and automatically take control in the event of a failure.

By introducing the new Color Picker tool, Marquee gives lighting designers the quickest and most flexible software color picking system available. Using supplied images, or your own from a digital camera, simply position the cursor over the image to select the exact color desired. Marquee will then automatically produce that color on either RGB or CMY based fixtures.

The Astronomical Time Event Control is made possible by equipping the Marquee software with longitude and latitude values for over 2,000 cities around the world to determine when the sun rises and sets in each area.

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