Marquee® Software Continues To Expand


Entertainment Technology is proud to announce the release of software version 3.3 for the complete line of Marquee® Lighting Control Consoles. Marquee software version 3.3 is now available for download through.

“It is exciting to watch as the Marquee software continues to grow and expand,” states Alan Keen, entertainment technology product manager. “During the past year, we have seen a significant rise in number of Marquee consoles on the market. The feedback we are receiving from our end users has been fantastic, and we are pleased to be working with Horizon Control Inc. to support our customers’ ever-developing desires.”

Designed by Horizon Control Inc. Marquee software version 3.3 introduces two distinct advancements. The first is the ability to network up to five Marquee consoles working together as one, known as Remote Sessions. And the second is the capability to automatically record to a secondary (redundant) processor, called Tracking Back-up.

“Marquee software version 3.3 brings the software to a new level of networking that allows greater flexibility than ever before for systems that involve more than one console control point,” comments Robert Bell, Horizon Control product manager. “Architainment designers have dreamed of having a consolidated control system that can listen to multiple streams of SMPTE, and this functionality makes designing and controlling simultaneously running applications possible under one umbrella.”

Remote Sessions allow a Marquee programmer to set up a network where up to five Marquee consoles, or secondary computers running Marquee PC software, may be connected to one main desk. Remote console processors, or remote secondary computers running Marquee PC software, are connected to the primary console via an RJ45 Ethernet network, and then by entering the IP address of the primary console. Once connected, the remote consoles now have full control over the primary console.

Tracking Back-up allows a second Marquee console processor, or secondary computer running the Marquee PC Software, to be networked to the primary Marquee console via an RJ45 Ethernet network. Therefore, in the unlikely event of a failure to the primary processor, Marquee software version 3.3 will automatically switch to the back-up, or secondary, processor and continue normal operation with all cue execution, look master adjustments and variable changes tracking from the main processor to the backup processor.

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