Lighting Product Of The Year, Software/Control: Madrix 3

Madrix 3 LED lighting control software aims to “take intuitive lighting control to the next level, which literally is the third dimension,” according to the developers at the software company. That means adding the ability to control 3D matrices, “realtime control of real 3D LED projects.” The new version also includes changes to the graphical user interface, increase in storage, additional preview options, and more effects, but the 3D option is what really got the judges buzzing. “Full 3D pixel-mapping software—a very clever system in a compact package,” says one judge. Another adds, “It offers the ability to fully map in all three planes—x,y, and z. The level of complexity that can be programmed was previously not achievable with what was available in the market. This opens up a whole new world of LED programming and effects.”