Lighting Product Of The Year, Luminaire: GLP Impression X4 Bar

The top products of the past year are here once again. Chosen by our panels of prestigious judges in three categories—lighting, projection, and sound—several months were spent debating the Live Design 2015-2016 Products Of The Year

Seems like everyone makes a bar of some sort, but not all bars are created equal. Take the impression X4 Bar 10 and impression X4 Bar 20 from German Light Products (GLP). It does so much, in fact, that our judges wanted to consider it as a fully featured luminaire, not a cyc or accent light. “You can use it to light a cyc, of course, but what’s much more interesting to me is its use as a replacement for a light curtain and other ‘solid-wall-of-linear-light’ type effects,” says a judge. “It does that very well, and it’s already starting to appear in shows being used for exactly that purpose. It’s not just a high-tech cyc light.” Another adds, “What a great idea to package all of these features into a linear form factor, providing a lot of great opportunities for innovative design.”

Products of the year will be presented along with the Live Design Achievement Awards and the ninth annual Excellence in Live Design Awards on June 13 in New York.

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