Lighting Product Of The Year, Luminaire: Clay Paky Mythos

Lighting Product Of The Year, Luminaire: Clay Paky Mythos

The top products of the past year are here once again. Chosen by our panels of prestigious judges in three categories—lighting, projection, and sound—several months were spent debating the Live Design 2014-2015 Products Of The Year. Congratulations to the teams that developed these products and all those who support them. The Lighting Product of the Year for Luminaire is Clay Paky Mythos.

Clay Paky set out to create a top-tier hybrid fixture with Mythos. Its 470W lamp outputs a huge beam with 4° to 50° zoom, which is optimized for focusing separately on each wheel. A redesigned indexed visual effect disc can be superimposed on the fixture’s gobos, both in and out of focus. One judge notes that “its sharp, nicely defined beam and various functions make it a great combination of features all in one package.” The fixture can also act as a beam light, with a minimum fixed beam angle of 2.5° and 160mm-diameter parallel beam that holds up for great distances. Another judge remarked that Mythos is “super versatile, without sacrificing quality.”

For more, download the May issue of Live Design for free onto your iPad or iPhone from the Apple App Store, and onto your Android smartphone and tablet from Google Play. 

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