Lighting Product Of The Year, Control: ETC Eos Version 2.3 Software

The top products of the past year are here once again. Chosen by our panels of prestigious judges in three categories—lighting, projection, and sound—several months were spent debating the Live Design 2015-2016 Products Of The Year.

The Eos family of consoles is not entirely new, sure, but ETC’s latest release of software has created such a buzz that our judges felt it worthy of distinction, one calling it “just the tip of the iceberg” in controlling color. The update essentially provides a new toolbox for fast and simple color mixing and selection, complete with color-control options and a wide range of features that allow users to more readily adapt workflows. “I get better tools to manipulate color fades, and if I choose not to worry, the console just does a better job for me,” says a judge. “It turns out that many of us have used color for a long time but don’t really ‘understand’ it and so appreciate help, particularly when it comes to the possibilities of complex multi-emitter LED sources.”

Products of the year will be presented along with the Live Design Achievement Awards and the ninth annual Excellence in Live Design Awards on June 13 in New York.

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