Lighting Product Of The Year: Clay Paky Shotlight Wash

Clay Paky's Shotlight Wash combines a 1,500W discharge lamp wash light with a separate, but integrated, 3,000W Xenon strobe. Its dual personality includes all the features of a wash (11°-74° electronic zoom, CMY color system with two color wheels and a linear “Golden CTO,” various effects filters, dimming, and more). But then it brings in a complete strobe section with two curved, pulsed Xenon lamps, each individually operable, intensity control, blinding effects—all you’d expect from a powerful strobe. Our judges’ reactions include “a first of its kind,” and “powerful, versatile, and really interesting integration of the strobe.” One judge specifically notes, “I thought they were a great idea when I first used them—a unique fixture and great hybrid light.” Another sees the luminaire as highly versatile, saying, “I think that there are even more uses for the Shotlight, and it is an interesting mix of features. Its integration seems to be both more innovative and have a greater impact visually than a lot of other fixtures.”

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