LDI Product Preview: LED100 From Doug Fleenor Design

Doug Fleenor Design’s LED100 is a 100W wireless power source that supplies power and data for up to two Philips Solid-State Solutions ColorBlast LED fixtures or Altman Lighting SpectraPARs, as well as Philips Solid-State Solutions iColor Cove, and similar products. The unit also features a DMX output to drive additional devices. This power supply eliminates the need to set the DMX address of the lighting fixture by re-patching the incoming DMX. All fixtures can be left at the default address of 001. The desired DMX address is then set at the power supply. The fixture plugged into output 1 responds to the three DMX channels starting with the selected address. The fixture plugged into output 2 responds to the next three DMX channels.

For users who prefer to set the DMX address at the fixture, patching may be disabled by setting the unit’s address to 000. Setting it to 600 through 899 selects various standalone modes (solid colors, color fades, strobe effects, etc.). Power is supplied by two electrical vehicle batteries. The battery tray accepts two 7.2A-hour, two 12A-hour, or two 15A-hour batteries, and an internal meter displays battery voltage. Batteries are recharged by a built-in, universal four-stage charger, and the unit may also be plugged into AC power while in use. Wireless DMX control is by Wireless Solution. Typical range for the LED100 is 100m indoors to 1,000m outdoors line-of-sight.

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