LDI New Product: Zylight F8-300 LED Fresnel

LDI New Product: Zylight F8-300 LED Fresnel

A new “silent” Fresnel, the F8-300 LED Fresnel has been engineered specifically for quiet studios and venues to deliver the equivalent brightness of a 600W HMI Fresnel while using passive cooling instead of an internal fan. Built on the F8 platform, the fixture uses quantum dot LED technology and is available in tungsten (3,200K) or daylight (5,600K). Features include a high CRI and a high TLCI (television lighting consistency index). It offers single-shadow traditional Fresnel beam shaping, as well as an adjustable beam spread (16-70 degrees), with a patented focusing system for spot and flood operations. While drawing 300W of power, the unit delivers more brightness than a 2K tungsten fixture, according to the manufacturer. Additional features include construction from aircraft aluminum and composite reinforced thermoplastics, and an IP54 rating. zylight.com

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