LDI New Product: Vectorworks Spotlight 2017

LDI New Product: Vectorworks Spotlight 2017

Vectorworks Spotlight 2017 features several user-experience enhancements, including a new Resource Manager that enables designers to create, find, edit, and apply resources to projects. Designers can find what’s needed via search and filtering, attach metadata tags, and access resources directly with the parametric tools. Also new are data visualization features that bring together graphic abilities with enhanced information modeling capabilities, allowing control of smart objects’ graphic attributes based upon data and parametric values and providing the the ability to visually differentiate between objects based upon the data/information attached to an object. Cable Tools, created by Sam Jones of AutoPlot, aids in the planning of cable runs and counts, while users can now surpass algorithmic  methods of modeling a venue’s seating with the Create Seating Section command. Additional new features include enhancements to project sharing, new Vision software capabilities, 3D label legends, new lighting and audio symbol libraries, and new tools for rope and stanchion modeling and dimension tape. All Vectorworks software packages now include Renderworks. vectorworks.net

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