LDI New Product: Vectorworks Spotlight 2016

LDI New Product: Vectorworks Spotlight 2016

Vectorworks Spotlight design software is available in a new version for 2016, providing greater capability and stability, improved tools for the design and documentation of overhead stage rigging, enhanced stage creation abilities, and more. Just a few of the new features include: Subdivision Surfaces for creating multidimensional scenery and forced perspective, based on Pixar Animation Studios’ Open Subdiv library; Project Sharing to streamline workflow, as multiple designers can work concurrently on the same file; improved hoist tools to design and document overhead stage rigging equipment; improved symbol selection for lighting instrument and accessory tools; 3D PDF export; improved create stage command; the ability to specify curved truss by diameter; point cloud support; improved photometric tools; and the first-in-industry, cross-platform, Python®-based scripting tool. vectorworks.net/spotlight

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