LDI New Product: TMB ProPlex EZ-LAN Unity 20

LDI New Product: TMB ProPlex EZ-LAN Unity 20

TMB's EZ-Lan was designed to make complex show networking more accessible. These Gigabit Ethernet switches distribute up to four discrete networks—lighting, audio, content, server, console, or communications—quickly and simultaneously. Users untrained in the complexities of managed networking can isolate networks, access, and change VLAN assignments with a single button press. Two EZ-Lan switches to do the work of up to eight standard Gigabit switches.  With one quad fiber cable or two copper Ethernet cables, connecting two EZ-LANs, speed is doubled (through link aggregation), and the security of full redundancy is provided. With 16 ports, assignable in four four-port groups, the system is an addition to the ProPlex Data Distribution range of multiple format data management systems. tmb.com

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