LDI New Product: Swisson XPD-28 Amber/Blue Splitter

LDI New Product: Swisson XPD-28 Amber/Blue Splitter

XPD-28 from Swisson is an optically isolated 2:8 DMX splitter and RDM hub that features two DMX inputs (A and B) and eight DMX outputs that are assignable to any of the two universes at the push of a button. At each output port, a status LED signals, by its color, to which universe the port currently is assigned. Amber stands for universe A and blue for universe B. More detailed status information is provided by an OLED display that can show, for example, the refresh rate or a graphical overview of the received channel values. Additional features include an encoder wheel and 11 additional push buttons, as well as availability with 3-pin XLR, 5-pin XLR, RJ45 connectors or with custom pin-outs. swisson.com

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