LDI New Product: Swisson Ethernet DMX Node XND-4

LDI New Product: Swisson Ethernet DMX Node XND-4

XND-4 from Swisson is an Art-Net-to-DMX converter supporting the distribution of four universes of DMX via four individually optically-isolated DMX outputs. Since most major lighting consoles are capable of transmitting Art-Net data, the converter can take advantage of a console’s networking capability, allowing users to transmit a vast number of universes over a single network cable. In some cases, users may profit from an existing networking infrastructure. The unit is also suitable for sending DMX data to fixtures from a computer or  mobile device. Since many controller programs for PC or Mac support Art-Net output natively, the DHCP capability can let a workplace network infrastructure automatically configure the network. Otherwise, users can access the 128x64-pixel OLED display. If two controllers send data to the same universe, the system automatically merges the DMX data. swisson.com

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