LDI New Product: Spotrack

LDI New Product: Spotrack

Spotrack combines the skill of human operators with computer technology to allow moving lights to be used as followspots. It uses a patented 3D tracking system that allows one operator to follow a performer with up to 20 moving lights, using a video camera positioned to give a full view of the stage and then a mouse, touchscreen or other preferred control device to follow the performer onscreen. There are no beltpacks for the performers to wear, and the system benefits from the human operator’s skill and sense of anticipation while freeing her from the need to climb trusses or physically operate lights. The lights remain partially or fully under the control of the lighting console, which is able to control color, beam shape and, if required, intensity. The console can also take complete control of any or all of the lights when they’re not required as followspots. www.spotrack.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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