LDI New Product: SeaChanger Prodigy

LDI New Product: SeaChanger Prodigy

The Prodigy color engine from SeaChanger is specifically engineered to provide color mixing for fixtures using a white LED light source, providing a similar color rendering and palette achieved with traditional tungsten fixtures, according to the manufacturer. It also features a slim housing design and silent, fan-free operation with color changes in less than 0.3 seconds. The unit derives color from dichroic color wheels, not the light source. These CYMxG wheels are patterned to produce millions of colors, and their non-absorbent filters reflect heat, making them inert to temperature damage and resistant to fading. Using the white LED and SeaChanger combination, the white LEDs are designed to be replaceable like a common theatrical lamp. The system features two DMX modes: four-channel “Legacy” CYMxG mode and a new five-channel “Prodigy” CYMxG+Dim mode that activates dimming on the LED power outlet to customers’ white LED sources while simultaneously adjusting the color temperature to provide tungsten-like dimming. SeaChangerOnline.com

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