LDI New Product: Scenex Lighting LED Driver Boxes

LDI New Product: Scenex Lighting LED Driver Boxes

GLP’s Scenex Lighting has launched two dedicated pixel LED drivers, designed as all-in-one solutions for controlling LED Pixel tape and pixel strings. The PP4 LED driver box features a low-profile 1U case with multiple mounting points, designed to neatly under stage deck surfaces, rack-mounted or truss-mounted. Four outputs connect directly to LED tape, with up to 200W of power. The larger PP16 LED driver comes in a 2U rack mounted housing, with 16 LED tape outputs and a power supply of up to 800W. It also has multiple points for truss hanging. Additional power injection ports are standard on both drivers to accommodate extended lengths of LED tape, and both drivers use industry standard sACN E1.31 and Art-Net protocols to control a wide range of pixel types, with each output configurable to control multiple DMX universes. Each box features auto-sensing power supplies, ranging from 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz. A web server is built in for setup of the pixel type, universe, and DMX address for each individual port. Other features include pixel grouping, universe spanning, and RGB color order. germanlightproducts.com/scene-x-lighting/

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