LDI New Product: Rosco/Black Tank Pica Cube

LDI New Product: Rosco/Black Tank Pica Cube

The Rosco Laboratories Pica Cube, designed by Black Tank, is the world’s first, pro-grade ultra-compact 20W LED fixture, according to the manufacturer. The fixture is a 2.5" square that offers refined quality of light and theatrical-grade dimming, and is efficiently powered via 12-24VDC or 12VAC. The fixture is built on Black Tank’s GEN2 controls and patented heat management technology and enables users options for clean and simple installations for architainment, retail, cruise ship, museum, and architectural illumination applications. Models available include 4C (RGBW), WNC (tunable white), and UV black-light. The units can be used standalone, plugged directly into the wall using an adapter and controlled using standard DMX, via its onboard controls, or by using a power and data distribution box, enabling up to four cubes to be powered and controlled down common Cat5 cable. rosco.com or theblacktank.com

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