LDI New Product: Rosco/Black Tank CubeConnect

LDI New Product: Rosco/Black Tank CubeConnect

The CubeConnectTM system from Rosco/Black Tank adds wireless control to a Rosco MIRO or Braq Cube. The basic system includes a transmitter box and receivers that enable a solution for installations, retrofits, rentals, trackmount, and portable applications. It uses an FCC-approved, proprietary wireless protocol developed by Black Tank, specially optimized for the control of LED lights.  Receivers utilize power directly from the fixtures, so external power supplies are not required. By plugging a receiver into the input port on the back of a fixture and sending the transmitter either DMX or serial commands, users can enable wireless control. Additionally, an iOS application is currently under development that will enable wireless control via Bluetooth enabled Apple devices. rosco.com or theblacktank.com

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