LDI New Product: Robert Juliat Dalis

LDI New Product: Robert Juliat Dalis

Dalis from Robert Juliat is an asymmetrical 300W LED cyclorama light designed specifically for theatre, TV, and entertainment applications. It incorporates eight colored LED emitters consisting of red, green, blue, royal blue, amber, cyan, warm white (2,200K), and cool white (6,500K) for access to a wide color gamut. The white emitters facilitate color desaturation for a range of pastel tones. Each color can be controlled in 8- or 16-bit mode, while four groups of LED emitters can be controlled independently by 16-bit on each color in the batten. The optical design uses patented asymmetrical micro reflectors to spread the light evenly over vertical surfaces and deliver output across the full color spectrum. Equipped with a fanless cooling system, the fixture offers silent operation. It can be controlled via DMX/RDM, Art-Net, sACN, or MA-Net, and the unit can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or on the deck using its QuickRig mounting system. robertjuliat.com

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