LDI New Product: Robe Robin DLS Profile

The latest addition to Robe’s DL range uses a high-power RGBW LED module and adds a smooth, fast-framing shutter system in the optical path of the DLX Spot format. Each of the four shutter blades can be individually controlled, positioned, and angled, and the whole module can be rotated. As with all Robe LED luminaires, the light engine is optimized and homogenized, producing no shadows. The high-power RGBW LED module produces a dynamic color range, ranging from rich saturates to subtle pastels, plus pure whites at preselected 2,700K; 3,200K; 4,200K; 5,600K; and 8,000K correlated color temperatures. Tungsten emulation allows the fixture to be integrated into lighting schemes also using traditional fixtures.

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