LDI New Product: PRG GroundControl 4-Way Switch

LDI New Product: PRG GroundControl 4-Way Switch

The GroundControl 4-Way Switch from PRG enables individual control of up to four GroundControl luminaries from one GC Controller. From the GC Controller, the operator can toggle which connected fixture is under their control. Fixtures not under the controller’s command behave as a standard automated luminaire, reverting control to the connected DMX console. The switch allows designers to switch followspot control of fixtures that may not be in range or in a different portion of the lighting rig. A single GrontrolController connects to the 4-Way Switch via a Multi-Mode opticalCON Quad Fiber Optic Cable. Up to four fixtures can be used and also connect to it via Multi-Mode opticalCON Quad Fiber Optic Cables. When the switch is added to a PRG GroundControl Followspot System, it allows a followspot operator to not only remotely operate a high output automated luminaire as a followspot from up to 2,000’ away but also allows them to switch between different fixtures during the show. prg.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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