LDI New Product: PRG GC Longthrow™ (GCLT) Luminaire

LDI New Product: PRG GC Longthrow™ (GCLT) Luminaire

The GC Longthrow™ (GCLT) Luminaire from PRG is an automated luminaire, designed for high-output and long-throw followspot applications. At a throw distance of 350', the luminaire outputs 200 footcandles with an ultra-flat field. Features include shutters and a beam-size iris that works with an ultra-narrow, 2º to 6º zoom, framing shutters, and variable frost. The fixture produces an even, clean white beam with no green tint and no hot spots. The CMY color-mixing system includes a dedicated color wheel loaded with five discreet and incremental minus-green color filters. The fully variable CTO wheel lets designers take the color temperature from its native 5,600K down to 3,200K. A built-in HD camera is mounted on the fixture and outputs HD-SDI at 1,080p, enabling the spot operator on the ground to see the stage as if sitting next to the fixture. The onboard camera has an optical zoom, targeting reticle, and a night-vision mode that enables operators to pick up a performer on a virtually black stage. prg.com

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