LDI New Product: PixelRange Smartline Batten


The LED-powered PixelRange Smartline Batten comes in two models, Smartline 4 and Smartline 6, which indicate the lengths of 4' or 6'. Both units use RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs with standard 26° optics, with other optics options available. The system allows individual control over each LED so the units can be fed video for a low-resolution video effect or used as a wash light with a homogenized output. The LEDs can be mapped or used with any media server. The 4' model has 24 quad-color Cree LEDs, and the 6' model has 36. The units have an onboard digital micro-processor that’s accessible via the user interface that gives access to two sets of 34 internal effects, each with the ability to vary the speed per second, variable up to 10-minutes. Selectable dimming curve options include a new dimmer curve that emulates the dimming of a tungsten lamp. www.pixelpar.com

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