LDI New Product: Philips Showline SL Hyrdus 350

LDI New Product: Philips Showline SL Hyrdus 350

The SL Hydus 350 from Philips Showline is a hybrid beam/spot/wash moving luminaire with a wide zoom range in each mode, and tools to create mid-air effects, projections, and blended animated washes. Designed for event, television, and concert lighting applications, the fixture is powered by the Philips Platinum 17RA lamp and features a fixed color wheel with open slot, split color mode, and effects mode. Additional features include a fixed gobo/aperture wheel, indexable/rotating gobo wheel with images from the Vari-Lite library, an animation wheel for dynamic effects, and two rotating beam prisms. Control is via DMX or Art-Net. lighting.philips.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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