LDI New Product: Mega-Lite XS Strobe LED RGB And W

LDI New Product: Mega-Lite XS Strobe LED RGB And W

Two new strobe units are available from Mega-Lite: XS Strobe LED RGB and XS Strobe LED W. The RGB version can operate as a wash or strobe and is equipped with 324 RGB SMD LEDs that have a wide 140º angle. The XS LED Strobe RGB has 3 segments of control. Multiple units can be arranged in a matrix to create chases and other effects. The unit has dimmer, red , green, blue, strobe, macro, three-segment macro channels, and four modes of operation. The white version features 324 white SMD LEDs, also with a 140º angle. It can operate as a wash, strobe, or blinder. The blinder effect boosts the power of the LED for four seconds. Both units are DMX controllable, offer 5-pin XLR in and out connectors and PowerCon in and out connectors, and feature a single-mounting yoke. mega-lite.com

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