LDI New Product: Martin By Harman VDO Face 5

LDI New Product: Martin By Harman VDO Face 5

The VDO Face 5 from Martin By Harman is a 5.2mm pixel pitch video panel for outdoor and indoor applications. Based around Martin’s proprietary P3 technology, it has been designed to enhance image quality and dynamic range. P3 does all processing in 16-bit per color (48-bit per pixel), and the panels maintain grayscale-depth at low brightness, with full control over gamma and color space. The panels are calibrated for consistency across units, and, coupled with LED aging compensation, the manufacturer claims to have doubled the product’s lifetime compared to similar products. Available in a high-brightness (HB), 5,000 nits (whiteface) version or a high-contrast (HC), 3000 nits (blackface) version, the screens are driven by a Martin P3 System Controller. martin.com

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