LDI New Product: Martin by Harman M1 HD

LDI New Product: Martin by Harman M1 HD

The M1 HD from Martin by Harman carries the same DNA as the M1, but with more power, speed, a new foldable high-resolution multi-touch head display and four additional parameters encoders on the right side of the head display. These encoders follow the same concept found on the M-Series flagship M6. Any parameter, effects, or speed control can be assigned and mapped by the user. The processing unit delivers 40 universes of DMX, Art-Net, and sACN, all of which are fully unlocked with no need to obtain extra licensing. Features include 22 playbacks faders, 64 playbacks buttons, main go section, grand master control, four encoders, numerical keypad, 12 user functions key, and five LCD buttons for parameter access. The controller has four DMX ports and one DMX input, as well as seven USB ports. MIDI and SMPTE interfaces are now built in as standard features. martin.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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