LDI New Product: Madrix V3.7

LDI New Product: Madrix V3.7

Madrix software version 3.7 will introduce a new effect category, Tri Effects, which are triggered manually by the user through trigger ports from DMX-IN or MIDI input. The user can initiate when a visual is created on the LEDs. In media server features, the audio track of video files can now be played back, while a range of new graphical filters adds to VJ options. Patching fixtures has been improved with three new features: the ability to quickly export or print the list of patched fixtures including DMX addressing; the ability to load a background image to place fixtures according to drawings; and the ability to import fixture data from third-party applications, such as all industry-common visualizers, using CSV files. madrix.com

Visit LDI for more information.


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