LDI New Product: LynTec Scheduling Module For RPC Platform

LDI New Product: LynTec Scheduling Module For RPC Platform

LynTec introduces new timed-event scheduling and astronomical clock capabilities of its RPC and RPCR Automated Relay Panel products. Enabling timed control of on/off events at the circuit level, this new feature provides customers with the market’s simplest scheduling system to both program and use, according to the manufacturer. The astronomical clock keeps track of local sunrise and sunset times in order to synchronize systems automatically, without the purchase of any additional software, hardware, or third-party scheduling systems. Programmable via internal web pages, the new module can be configured to time-of-day or day-of-week events, while working with other control inputs. The ability to set deactivation times for circuits makes installations more efficient by ensuring that systems and components are not accidentally left on, resulting in reduced energy consumption and longer life cycles for electronics. LynTec.com

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