LDI New Product: LynTec RPC Platform Updates

LDI New Product: LynTec RPC Platform Updates

RPC remote control breaker panels from LynTec make it possible to add circuits in the same horizontal wall space to control a greater number of components, as needed. Taking advantage of a change in the National Electrical Code, the panels now support 48-, 66-, and 84-circuit breaker positions. Customers have incremental options between the 30- and 84-position panels, with no increase in width. All panels leverage the RPC controller’s ability to address up to 168 motorized circuit breakers. The new panels are also available as main lug only (MLO) and main circuit breaker (MCB) in 225-, 400- and 600-amp interiors. Also new is the ability to add dimming control. The manufacturer has combined breaker/relay switching with 0VDC to 10VDC dimming in a single panel for DMX or streaming ACN (E1.31, sACN). Up to 64 dimming positions can be combined in a breaker or relay panel. LynTec.com

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