LDI New Product: LynTec I/O-R Board For RPC Platform

LDI New Product: LynTec I/O-R Board For RPC Platform

The I/O-R board (O-R stands for outbound relay) for the RPC platform from LynTec expands RPC control options to include high-current contactors and outlet control. The board allows users to control devices outside of the RPC panel—any device that can be controlled with a low-voltage dry-contact closure—as part of the RPC control platform. As a result, users have more flexibility to connect and control complex systems on a single control platform instead of using multiple control systems. Users can assign an address to any of the remote devices and control it individually or as part of a system sequence. The board installs into an RPC panel like a standard I/O board. Once installed, the outputs can be programmed to operate in the same way as a motorized breaker via the web interface, enabling users to address each output individually and then assign the device to a zone for automated control. Industry-standard dry-contact relays provide control flexibility beyond motorized breakers. lyntec.com

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