LDI New Product: LightConverse Version 58

LDI New Product: LightConverse Version 58

LightConverse v58 introduces a number of enhancements to the visualization software. Highlights include 3D parent/child functions that allow complex fixtures with unlimited individually controllable multiple beams to operate in unlimited multiple directions. This functionality extends to DMX controllable moving objects/dynamic layers. A dynamic layers collision detector detects and shows possible collisions between moving or flying objects. Now included are animated 3D textures as well as the ability to create and control a cyclic animation of any texture, such as an exact representation of a shimmering pool of water or flowing fountain. Additionally, any light beams passing through react with the animated 3D texture. An improved volume transparency feature helps users visualize effects, such as various types of smoke, haze, rain, snow, fire, etc. lightconverse.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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