LDI New Product: John McKernon Software Lightwright 6

LDI New Product: John McKernon Software Lightwright 6

Lightwright 6 from John McKernon Software can control the flow of lighting data from design to console, without needing to enter data multiple times by hand, while documenting up to 45,000 universes of data. New features include a built-in label maker, so production electricians can carefully everything, including lights, cables, breakouts, power supplies, dimmer racks, and data distribution gear. Lightwright/Vectorworks Data Exchange allows seamless data sharing with Vectorworks Spotlight. Standard colors and color swatches are now included on the worksheet, and more than one show file can be open at a time. Additional features include worksheet reconciliation, which compares and synchronizes show files; file and note sharing via network and built-in email; global search across all worksheet columns; complete history of all changes, with rollback options; wheel design window for moving lights; color scroll design window; template pictures; live instrument and accessory counts; automatic dimmer load balancing; and 18 user-definable columns. Lightwright is available through City Theatrical. mckernon.com or citytheatrical.com

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