LDI New Product: Jands Vista D1 Playback Processor

LDI New Product: Jands Vista D1 Playback Processor

The new Jands Vista D1 Playback Processor was designed to expand the DMX processing capabilities of the Vista lighting and media control console range. The rackmount D1 connects via Ethernet to a Vista console, Windows, or Mac system and provides an additional 8,192 channels (16 DMX universes). Features include a high-performance Intel processor, 16GB of RAM, a solid-state drive, and dual gigabit Ethernet connections to maximize playback performance and minimize latency. Fixtures can either be connected over a network using Art-Net or sACN, or directly via the D1s eight DMX-512 outputs. Additional features include a color LCD touchscreen and multicolor LED indicators located on front panel. jands.com or aclighting.com

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