LDI New Product: i-Pix DB 1

LDI New Product: i-Pix DB 1

DB 1 from i-Pix is a hybrid video and lighting fixture that makes use of the manufacturer’s proprietary LVVP (Light Valve Video Projector) technology for a soft-edged wash light and a high-definition screen, all driven via DMX or video input. Its surface is 3’x1.7’, powered by 15 80W white LEDs, producing 1,250W of LED power. Color temperature availability is a choice of 3,000K or 4,000K. Color and beam control are refreshed at 60Hz, enabling fast and dynamic beam patterns, without the inertia inherent in moving lights. The beam is projected at a right angle to the surface. By tessellating the array, beams become more pronounced and defined as the system is scaled. i-Pix products are distributed in the US by Inner Circle Distribution. DB1.lighting or icd-usa.com

TAGS: Projection LDI
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