LDI New Product: High End Systems Hog4 Console

The High End Systems Hog4™ is a new range of control products that includes four platforms, all running the Hog4 operating system (Hog4 OS). A Playback and Master wing completes the lineup. The Hog4 flagship console is joined by the Full Boar 4™, Road Hog4™, Nano Hog4™, and Hog4™ PC. All feature wide screen displays, solid state hard drives, and new user keys, while retaining the layout of the Hog range. Hog4 PC has the ability to output Art-Net and sACN protocols directly from a computer running Hog4 PC, when a DMX widget is attached. Hog 3™ OS shows will load into the new platforms, and all current Hog 3 peripherals are compatible with the new products.

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