LDI New Product: High End Systems Hog 4 OS 3.5.0

LDI New Product: High End Systems Hog 4 OS 3.5.0

Hog 4 OS 3.5.0 from High End Systems fully supports compound fixtures (single fixtures with multiple parts), providing scheduling and patching without the need to manually add, renumber, and patch individual parts. The updated version also communicates directly with several video matrix switcher products over Ethernet, supporting the Barco MatrixPro-II SD/HD/3G-SDI series, the Blackmagic Smart VideoHub series, the Lightware MX series, and the AJA KUMO 16x16 series switchers. Key new features include improved color handling, batch masters, a new fixture builder, group next/back selections, plot fixture icons and background images, effects synchronization, auto patch media servers, and fixture patch import/export. highend.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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