LDI New Product: GLP GT-1

LDI New Product: GLP GT-1

The GT-1 from GLP is a hybrid fixture that acts as a spot, beam, and wash and uses a high-powered 470W discharge lamp. It features a 22:1 ratio zoom range from 2.5° to 55°, and its optical design does not require different modes of operation, but rather all feature functionality is available at any time. In spot mode, the unit offers CMY color mixing, eight rotating gobos, 14 fixed pattern gobos, additional beam reduction gobos, a variable speed animation wheel that can be repositioned within the beam, three rotating prisms, and a fixed color wheel with CTO/CTB filters. In beam mode, it produces a parallel beam of light at 2.5° through its 145mm diameter front lens. In wash mode, its soft edge comes from a variable filter that can be inserted into the beam to give the desired level of wash that you wish. Additional features include a baseless design, inbuilt wireless DMX control, 16-bit pan and tilt movement, full range dimming and shuttering capability, built-in battery for fixture setup, and auto-sensing power supply. germanlightproducts.com

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