LDI New Product: Elation Professional Platinum HFX

LDI New Product: Elation Professional Platinum HFX

The Platinum HFX™ from Elation Professional is a new mid-sized addition to Elation’s hybrid family of beam, spot, and wash luminaires. The moving head houses the new Philips™ MSD Platinum 14R 280W lamp that provides 12,000 total lumens of power. Capable of zooming 2.3° to 15° in beam mode, 3° to 22° in spot mode, and 10° to 34° in wash mode, its features includes 13 dichroic colors, including UV and new quad color RGBY filter, CTO, and CTB color correction; eight rotating interchangeable gobos and 12 static-stamped gobos; three prisms; wash frost effects; and Art-Net support. elationlighting.com

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