LDI New Product: Elation Professional Artiste DaVinci

LDI New Product: Elation Professional Artiste DaVinci

The Artiste DaVinci™ from Elation Professional is a theatrical-grade LED moving head spot luminaire with compact design and the first fixture in the new Artiste™ series. Its output of more than 13,000 lumens is comparable to 700W discharge lamp fixtures, but it does not require lamp replacements. Built around a newly designed 270W LED engine and advanced optics, the fixture includes 16-bit multiphase motors, resulting in precise pan-and-tilt rotation, and it houses a 7° to 48° motorized zoom with auto-focus. Other features include seven dichroic colors, full CMY and CTO color mixing, six rotating and nine static replaceable gobos, three-facet and six-way linear rotating prisms, motorized iris, frost filter, full animation effect wheel, electronic strobe, and variable dimming curve effects. elationlighting.com

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