LDI New Product: DTS Evo

LDI New Product: DTS Evo

The Evo from DTS is a hybrid beam and spot fixture with an Osram Sirius HRI 440W lamp that outputs 61,200 lux at 25m in beam mode and 45,000 lux at 25m in spot mode. Spot mode delivers a linear zoom of 3.5° to 39°, while beam mode’s linear zoom is 2° to 36°. The color-mixing system features linear CMY color, linear CTO, a 21-color palette, and analog two-tone generation. The circular patent-pending eight-facet or linear Dyna-Prism system enhances gobos with animations and kaleidoscopic effects. The fixture’s FPR system, a DTS patent, allows limitless pan rotation in both directions. Additional features include 16-bit motorized linear focus and built-in redundant tri-phase stepper motor technology. dts-lighting.com

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