LDI New Product: digiLED LightSlice

LDI New Product: digiLED LightSlice

LightSlice is a 10mm video pixel module from digiLED, designed for television or live indoor outdoor applications. In its native form, the slice’s 10mm pixel pitch allows the construction of a true 10mm display surface, while multiple modules can be combined for various effects and organic shapes. The digiLED Navigator NV ensures content is accurately mapped on the display. Resolutions can be scaled to any custom requirement based on array alignment, and with six mounting methods, the units can be attached to truss, decking, catenary, scaffolding, or custom structures. Placed end to end, many lengths can be addressed, and a display can be as large as required, with multiple Navigator NVs controlling the system. The Staple Gun, with onboard micro-PSU and data cards, provides fresh power and data as needed. Additional features include a 20 mm pixel-pitch operating mode, IP65-rating, and Neutrik power and data connections. digiLED.com

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