LDI New Product: Clear-Com HelixNet Version 3.0

LDI New Product: Clear-Com HelixNet Version 3.0

Clear-Com HelixNet Version 3.0, a free software-only update to the HelixNet digital network partyline platform that features additional capacity and simplified control functions. With this new update, the HelixNet multiplies its basic channel count by three, with a new offering of 12 channels per HMS-4X Main Station. An additional 12 channels can be added by purchasing a license, enabling a single station to provide 24 channels. In order to support this expanded channel count, any combination of main or remote stations (HRM) can be configured to function as expansion key stations. With multiple devices acting as one system, users are able to address all users with a single headset/mic/loudspeaker. The new version also features a free browser-based software tool called Core Configuration Manager (CCM) for configuration of all devices via the latest versions of all major browsers on Mac, PC, and tablet platforms. CCM offers visual representation of all connected devices and functions, and the save/restore function allows duplication of systems. clearcom.com

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