LDI New Product: Clay Paky Spheriscan

LDI New Product: Clay Paky Spheriscan

Clay Paky's Spheriscan is a scanner with a modern twist: its mirror goes on turning endlessly beyond 360°. Its speed can be adjusted and reach a maximum of 280rpm, while its new Osram lamp works at 1,200W. The fixture is IP54-rated, and it can be recessed into a stage floor, with only its transparent head visible, to create original projections. Features include 13° to 34° high-speed zoom, one six-gobo rotating wheel, one eight-gobo fixed wheel, rotating prism, 16-blade iris, linear frost filter, CMY system, and seven-color wheel. A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive North American distributor for Clay Paky. claypaky.it   actlighting.com

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