LDI New Product: Clay Paky Hepikos

LDI New Product: Clay Paky Hepikos

The Hepikos from Clay Paky is a hybrid beam-wash light that features a 185mm PC front lens and 5° beam angle, all built around a 700W 7,800K Osram lamp. It has a 5° to 40° zoom and CMY color-mixing via three wheels devoted to producing single colors, as well as two color wheels, each with eight filters. Specifically designed for this product are a new mechanical iris, a four-faceted interchangeable rotating prism, and a soft-edge frost filter. Additional features include two CTO filters (3,200K and 2,500K), with Half Minus Green, and special colors, 0% to 100% dimmer, and stop-strobe effect. A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive North American distributor for Clay Paky. claypaky.it or actlighting.com

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