LDI New Product: City Theatrical B5 Dimmer

LDI New Product: City Theatrical B5 Dimmer

The B5 Dimmer from City Theatrical can control a full 40A of LED tape spread over five channels of 8A each, allowing combinations such as RGB tape (three channels) and bi-color tape (two channels) or RGBX tape (four channels) and a single color tape (one channel) together in one unit. The dimmer uses constant voltage technology, ensuring consistent full-range dimming. An onboard display and four-button user interface allows selection and control of six functions: setting DMX addresses, setting quantity of DMX channels, selecting 8- or 16-bit output resolution, setting PWM frequency (500Hz to 30KHz), setting output dimming curve values for matching the dimming curves of other dimmers in use, and setting the device’s operating profile. The unit is RDM-capable and requires a separate power supply, providing input voltage of 12 to 24VDC. It operates with City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX LED tape. www.citytheatrical.com

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